What to Ask Your IT Support Person when Hiring


There is a whole pool of hundreds of IT support experts and not very in London, so the question is how to find the actual professional and how to identify one. We decided to prepare several questions that will help you find a true expert from your business.

1. How well do you work with others?

Remember, that you are trying to create a team and not separate individuals who operate each in his or her own block. This is why you should make sure that the new IT support person can clearly, easily, and patiently communicate with your existing employees. To identify these qualities in a perspective member of your team, just perform a standard interview and see how a person answers questions.

2. Ask about the process for handling tech support requests

No secret, that running a company’s tech support must always be efficient and relatively as fast as possible. As professionals from IOvision.ca explain you need to verify that a candidate can demonstrate an effective way of help for desk structure and having workflow in mind. Ask not only general questions but also proceed to specificity of fielding, logging or responding to employees help requests.

3. What will you do if there are no emergencies?

Again, we are coming back to the idea of team. If you want to create a strong team of like-minded people, you need to make sure that you vet out candidates who do not seem interested and willing to step up and take some extra flow of non-desk-related focuses. You will be paying money not for sitting and playing computer games, but for some work.

4. Will you assess the existing information systems?

When you are hiring an IT consulting services expert you should make sure that he or she will be able and qualified enough to analyze and report on the feasibility and functionality of the existing equipment and systems in your company. The systems include landline, computers, VOIP, and cell phones, office appliances, such as printers, and in fact everything that plugs into a wall. Moreover, the candidate need to know about the software applications you are using and be able to improve and renovate them when needed.

5. Cyber-security

Cybercriminals are one of the worst things to deal today, especially for small businesses and companies. It is simply paramount that your candidate is able to design and deploy a sufficient and working plan to secure all of your company’s digital information systems at all times. The candidate should be able to demonstrate a solid strategy that will involve rolling out firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions, as well as spam filters. Do not forget that routine security audits are also a must.

6. Data backup and disaster recovery experience

Keep in mind that when you check IT consulting services in London it is of utmost importance to know that an expert will be able to properly back up all your data as well as restore the missing parts if needed.

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