The Instagram Stories Every User Has Encountered and How Marketers Adapt to These Trends


Instagram is a popular social media platform where users can share moments in their lives captured through photographs.

According to a statistic from June 2016, Instagram has been taking the Internet by storm since its establishment in 2010 – maintaining about 500 million active users worldwide. Users post photos of various subjects on Instagram: food, pets, tourist attractions, as well as daily experiences and important life events. To use the app, all you need is a camera and Internet connection, and Instagram’s wide array of filters and photo-enhancing utilities will do the rest.

Subsequently, it should come as no surprise that marketers and online advertisers are directing their attention to users from social media platforms such as Instagram. Here are some of the most popular Instagram stories and how marketers have joined in on these trends:

1) Food

It is a common trend for restaurant-goers to take pictures of their food before eating. Instagram is about sharing photos that are aesthetically pleasing, and the sight of food is satisfying to most people scrolling through Instagram. Coffee shops and local restaurants are a popular destination for Instagram users to take photos. As such, food critics, owners of food blogs, and even celebrities are encouraged by food establishments to take photos and share it on their Instagram accounts. These influencers share their photos on Instagram and successively promote the eateries.

2) Beaches, Resorts, Hotels, and other Tourist Destinations

Beach photos are some of the most popular Instagram stories. The sight of the setting sun over the distant horizon or the serenity of a calm ocean makes for a magnificent Instagram post. Photos of people enjoying themselves during summer activities such as swimming, building sand castles, and sunbathing are also extremely trendy on Instagram.

Instagram stories often begin with a photo taken out the window of the airplane. Upon arrival at the airport it is common for users to post a photo at their destination with the hashtag #touchdown. This displays that when people are experiencing enjoyment, they want to share their happiness with their followers on Instagram. This gives greater exposure to tourist destinations and aids in advertising for more people to visit the area.

3) Major Events

Whenever there are major events such as conventions, festivals, or exhibitions, extended publicity is always helpful. Photos taken during these events definitely liven up the feeds of Instagram users. Event organizers are aware that Instagram is an excellent source of promotion and often encourage people at the event to follow the event organizer’s Instagram account. They are also encouraged to share pictures accompanied with a given hashtag to promote the event. In return, Instagram users are often given a chance to win a raffle. Sometimes, to further promote the event, organizers enlist the help of third-party service providers like Vibbi.


Online marketing, advertising, and promotion heavily rely on the amount of traffic a certain site or account generates. Since many people regularly spend time browsing their news feeds and profiles on their Instagram accounts, it has become an effective platform for marketing companies to promote brands. In the end, marketing is most effective when many people are paying attention to and are aware of your brand.