The Evolution of Mobile phones


Since April 1973, mobile phones have been evolving in a drastic way. Four decades ago, the first mobile phone was created by Motorola engineer, and ever since, those creative portable devices have become an essential part of daily life. From simple communication devices, mobile phones now have distinctive functions like SMS, photography, internet and mini computers. Let’s re-experience the mobile era through its evolution!


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In 1989, Motorola stroked again with the first clamshell phone, the MicroTAC. This device had a standard keypad, LED display, and options like calculator and keypad tones. Then came the Candybar created by Nokia few years later. During the mid-90s, the mobile industry evolved and the modern flip phone called the Elites was made. This phone had the same functions like the Clamshell, but was much lighter! During the 90s itself, the first personal digital assistant (PDA) was created. It was a device which was a touchscreen computing device, was made popular by Palm. The device had a virtual keyboard, internet connectivity and handwriting recognition.


In the early 00s’, the Nokia Series 6000 was introduced, and then began the Snake craze! This phone was owned by almost everyone as it was affordable, and made communication easy. In 2004, the Razr was introduced. Ah, that phone was the craze with its flipping aspect which was also slim and sleek. During the same year, the T-Mobile Sidekick was launched and it was a phone for all text-lovers with a qwerty keypad.


In 2007, the first iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs, and was a phone for the new generation as it consisted of music player, camera and internet connection. As from then, the technologies in making mobile phone kept on innovating each year. Smartphones with amazing apps such as Talk, Gmail and Maps were created. Android platform was then launched and mobile phones created by HTC, LG, Samsung, Huawei and Sony started to use this operating system when creating mobile phones. As for Apple, they carried on using their own operating system, IOS.


As from 2010 until now, the world has known many amazing mobile devices such as HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Focus, Motorola Droid X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Nokia 8. Without any doubts, in the next months, better and newer phone models with even more applications, AI and modern technologies will be launched. Mobile phone manufacturers are always acting like watch-dogs, and try to be the best in their business genre.