The Benefits of Adding a 3D Printer to Your Company


If you have seen a 3D printer in action lately, it appears to be something straight out of a science fiction film set a couple hundred years in the future. Who knew something like this was even on the horizon? We are used to printers only printing out pieces of papers with designs, pictures, and words on them. But now, the only limit to what you can make with a 3D printer is your imagination and the physical size of the printer itself.


Does Your Company Need One?

Once you see a 3D printer working, you will instantly want one for your own. If you are a business owner, maybe even more so. Not only would it be fun to have the printer create something from just a few drawings on paper, but it could be useful to the business you own. Maybe you should buy an industrial 3D printer to grow your company before your competitor does. Mechanics, dentists, manufacturers, engineers, designers, and just about every profession you could think of could use a 3D printer being instantly available to them.


How Does It Work?

3D printers basically work from the ground up. It takes a whole object that is submitted to it on paper or through a computer file and carefully slices it up into thousands of tiny pieces. Then it builds the item, starting at the bottom, and works its way up, adding slice by slice until those tiny layers form a completely solid object. Moving parts and wheels can even be created as part of the object. Want to create a new toy car for your kid or design a model for a full-size car? A 3D printer could definitely help you with this. As you watch it build with your own eyes, it may seem like witchcraft, but it is just the latest technology that has been developed over the last decade.


What Materials Does It Print With?

Many people believe that 3D printers only build things with plastic. However, that is not the case. More and more material is being used with 3D printers. Whether it be nylon, epoxy, silver, steel, wax, plastic, or even titanium, it does not seem like there is a limit on what you can use. Next time you are searching for that silver bullet to put an end to that pesky werewolf that has been bothering you on full-moon nights for years, a 3D printer could whip it together in a very short amount of time.