Pointers for shooting a high-quality video


Ever wonder how some of the best visual content creators do their thing consistently, day after day, week after week?

Like us, Robert Bassam is a fan of video platforms such as Vimeo, as the bar for submissions to this site is much higher than on competitors like Youtube.

Want to make a video that will wow your viewers? Internalize the tips below, and we’ll see you once your creation goes viral…

1) Good sound is just as important as HD video

Although the tendency is to focus on getting excellent shots when one is trying to shoot a high quality video, there is nothing that ruins a production more than substandard or muffled sound.

As such, you should not trust the quality of the sound of which your camera is capable, even if it is an expensive DLSR.

Check to see what kind of microphones that your camera is capable of supporting (USB connections are a common type), and then go out and pick up a mic that is capable of processing rich sounds.

Those that make this effort will be able to produce a video that places their viewer at the center of the action, as this element will be as vivid as the imagery they are watching.

2) Invest in some tripods/stands

Try as you might, it is nearly impossible for a human being to hold a camera perfectly still in some situations.

Additionally, there are shots that simply cannot be acquired without the assistance of a good tripod or stand.

Many cameras come with a hole on their base that allow them to be screwed into these useful tools, which allow a perfectly stable shot to be executed for as long as a videographer wishes.

It also makes walking shots possible, is is when the principal subject is walking away from the camera, without having to hire an operator to man the rig.

Additionally, there are also gorilla pods that allow for angle shots and set ups that are too complex for traditional tripods, so be sure to grab one before you begin filming your project.

3) Consider lighting

Just as in photography, lighting can make or break a production. Because of this, those wanting to make a high-quality video should pay heed to the weather and position of the sun if they are filming outdoors.

In general, the sun should always be at your back when filming, and if you are looking for some truly epic shots, filming within a couple hours of sunrise and sunset should be a priority.

At night and in certain indoor situations, you will often need to create your own light to get the shot that you are looking for.

While you will need to invest more than $100 for a basic professional lighting kit, these will often make the difference between an amateurish operation that will not be taken seriously, and a video that goes viral.

4) Will you be shooting action sequences?

If you are, be sure to acquire a GoPro camera that is capable of shooting high-resolution imagery and recording decent sound.

While there are options that can be acquired on the cheap, they will stick out like a sore thumb compared to the much higher quality footage that you will end up taking with your professional camera equipment.