Main SEO Misconceptions To Know In 2017


It is surprising to see that in 2017 there are still so many misconceptions about SEO that so many believe. In most situations we see that people keep using the same techniques that were successful in the past while hoping the same results appear over and over again. What people from strong sites like know is that SEO is constantly changing and evolving. There are different dangerous misconceptions that still exist and that you should not believe if you want to do truly great work this year.


SEO Is Only Done Once

People tend to hire SEO companies, reach the rankings they want and then want to stop. This is always a huge mistake. The misconception that SEO is just a one-time thing has been around for years. The truth is that in search engine optimization consistency is simply vital. You will need to keep optimizing your pages, posting brand new content, driving traffic, attracting links and improving website structure as consistently as possible.

Thinking SEO Is Just About The Links

Most people that start learning about search engine optimization will quickly understand the importance of backlinks in SEO. The problem is that many just end up thinking SEO is only about the links. The links that you get to your pages will matter but they are not the only thing of high importance in 2017. Link quality is something that is vital and the optimization you done for the pages you rank will count so much more than what many believe. Every single website needs high quality links in order to rank high in search engines.

Keywords Will Bring Better Rankings

Keywords were hugely important for optimization as links in the past. You could have easily got higher positions when thousands of lower quality links were obtained. Keywords were stuffed in content. At the moment, many think that keywords are still the real secret to success and will focus so much on adding keywords and related keywords to the content that is present on every single site page. That is a mistake since it can lower the quality of the web page.  Better rankings appear when you focus on everything associated with SEO, not just the keywords you use.

Thinking That Guest Blogging Does Not Work

So many in the search engine optimization world believe that guest blogging simply does not work. This is incorrect. The problem is that most people use guest blogging in a really bad way. Google only hates the bad guest blogging, the links that are simply not obtained in an appropriate way. There are many ways in which guest blogging can bring in really high quality links you would love to have for ranking purposes.


The truth is that modern SEO is not that different than old SEO. When you focus on high quality, the results that appear are so much better than anticipated. When you use shady methods, you can expect penalties in the future. Always be sure that you do not follow some misconceptions as being truth.