How to Use a Third-Party App to Grow Your Business


If you are running a small business, then you are likely well aware how important it is for you to engage with the users of mobile devices to grow your business. However, you likely also know that creating and maintaining your own app is a substantial financial barrier to achieving your desired level of engagement.

While app template providers are continually lowering these obstacles with services akin to paint by number app creation, many small businesses are seeing greater benefits with the use of third party apps.

By using third party apps, small businesses can gain exposure to and attain new customers without an individual app presence.

An excellent working example is the health and beauty industry. Largely made up of small one-store studios, the business case isn’t compelling for each business to create and maintain their app. However, by submitting their business details and promotional information to services like Groupon Coupons, massage providers in San Francisco can have their details and coupons displayed not only to potential new customers but customers who have requested information on their very service.

Moreover, apps such as these include the facility to accept payment within their app, making it easy for any new customer to complete their transaction without the need for small businesses to establish individual merchant agreements.

The power of third-party apps also operates in the realm of marketing. Consider for a moment that you own and operate a single location cinema house. Unless movie-goers are regular attendees, they aren’t likely to install your app.

They are, however, likely to have a third party app already installed which they use to watch movie trailers and read reviews for newly released films. With the help of geolocation data, you could place a small banner ad advertising tickets to the very film the user is reading a review for.

Utilizing third party apps in this way is a cost effective marketing strategy for two main reasons; your ads are only being displayed to genuine potential new customers, and you are only paying for ads to be displayed to people interested in your service.

While there will always be a space for in-house designed, developed and maintained apps, for small business with limited operating budgets, the above examples clearly show that the use of a third-party app isn’t just a viable option, it’s a powerful one.