How to Make Awesome YouTube Videos


YouTube is an incredible website, since its inception in 2005 it has change the way in which we watch videos and in turn it has provided thousands with the opportunity to make some money and become celebrities. For anyone who has the creativity to make or star in videos, YouTube makes it incredibly easy for people like Steve Sorensen to pick up their mobile phone and shoot an awesome video that has the potential to go viral.

If you want to get involved in starring in your own YouTube videos with the hope of exposure or making money, or perhaps both, then here are some top tips which you should follow in order to be successful.

The Content

It doesn’t matter if you are uploading a rant, a piece of theater, comedy or advice, you need to ensure that your content is worthy of people tuning in for. It will help if you make your content topical or relevant to your target audience if you want people to love and share what you have to say. If you are uploading a video which you have edited or created then the same rules apply, ask yourself who will want to watch this video and why, if you cannot think of who will be watching the video then change your content.

Be Engaging

For a video to find success it needs to be engaging, you must find a way in which the viewer will want to continue watching the video and hopefully tell people about it afterwards. In order to engage the viewer you should be funny or thought provoking, helpful or provide a great service, if your video offers none of the above then the likelihood of it being successful is very slim.

Play With Props

Remember that your video is not just about what you are trying to say, it is visual entertainment and as such you should utilize props, various backgrounds and even use digital graphics in order to enhance the viewers experience. Don’t be frightened to fail with your videos when it comes to different pieces of equipment and tools that you use to create a better visual display, try it out, upload it and see what kind of reception it gets, if nobody watches it or shares it then taking it as a learning curve and do something different next time.

Watch and Learn

The best way to improve the quality of your YouTube videos is to watch many, many videos of successful YouTubers and see what they are doing that engages and captivates the audience. There is nothing wrong with borrowing ideas from other successful vloggers as long as you don’t straight up steal their ideas and their production methods. Being inspired and inspiring others is what this is all about and if you do your research then you will be in a far better position to create great content which people will love and more importantly, share.