How to Improve Your Business Operations Using Cloud Based Telephone Systems


Cloud based telephony has revolutionized the communication technology to a great extent so much so that it has even given rise to new concepts of business which were even unthinkable before the introduction of cloud based technology (read more about cloud based technologies here). Apart from helping in new concepts of business, the technology has also changed the very concepts of running existing businesses. Let us discuss how cloud based telephone system can improve your business operations.


Firstly, installation of a cloud based telephone system will improve the communication with your clients, customers, suppliers, employees and other business associates. This will help you to maintain seamless liaison with your business associates. From the prospective of the clients, they can easily get in touch with you any point in time from any location without much difficulty. Even if it is after or before business hours they can easily leave messages for you or your employees to run them and understand their queries. This ensures that there is no loss or breach of communication between you and your business associates – a fact that helps in development of a business in a great way.

Again, as and when a customer calls, there is no need to wait for the call to be picked up by a live person who then transfers the call to an appropriate department. At times of heavy call pressure, this may be particularly annoying and result in dropped calls. A cloud telephone system ensures that each time a customer or any business associate calls, the individual can punch in a few numbers as per the instructions provided by the prerecorded message of the IVR and have the call transferred to the appropriate department.

The cloud based telephone system also helps in a three way conferencing system, by the virtue of which three individuals from three different locations can take part in a conference, even if the individuals are located in three different countries to three different cities. There is no time limit associated and no long distance call charges apply. This is particularly important for businesses which have multiple business units at various locations.

Again, as cloud telephone system is entirely based on internet technology, the system is much cheaper than the conventional systems or can be even free if you use it for personal purposes (for instance KNCTR desktop application allows you to make free phone calls to the US and Canada) when it comes to installation as well as from the perspective of maintaining the system. Again, the system has a high degree of scalability. That means the system will grow along with the size of your business. If you have an extension plan, you do not have to think about installation of new version the system. The cloud telephone systems come up with provisions of accommodating business growth – in terms of RoI, client base, number of employees and increase in calls.

Besides, the advanced features of this system help in various advanced activities which help in further development of the business.

There are a number of cloud telephone system and service providers available in the market which provides this type of long distance communication technology. These companies provide long distance calling and these communication technologies, when implemented to carry out long distance business communication can come handy in a great way in increasing the quality, which in turn helps in the business prospects in the long run.

The service is cheap and most importantly, almost 100 percent glitch free so that it contributes significantly in cost cutting as well.  Hence, along with contributing significantly in domestic communications, these new edge technologies are also contributing in business development in a tremendous way. All the credit goes to these companies which are offering these cutting edge services to the domestic as well as the commercial sectors.