How does Fitbit sync with your smartphone?


Just about everyone has one of the new Fitbits, either having purchased one for themselves or finding one in their Christmas stocking. So whilst many of us use a Fitbit to track our activity during the day, not many of us consider syncing it with our smartphones.

You can actually sync your Fitbit with your PC, but in this modern and ultra-mobile world, most of us use this with our smartphones.

What does a Fitbit monitor?

Once you attach the Fitbit to your wrist, it starts to log everything you do during the day as long as you wear it. It records all of your activities during the day while your sleep is monitored during night time.

So essentially, the Fitbit records how many steps you take during the day, the distance travelled, and time spent being active. If you set up a fitness goal, it will show you instantly how active you were during the day or whether you were just on idle all day long. It also tracks how far along you are to reaching your set goals.

If you enter your height, weight, and age, as well as what you eat and drink, it can also show how many calories you burn each day. Then when you go to bed, it can track how many times you wake as well as the time you tossed and turned all night long.

Some of this information are available on your Fitbit, so for example you know how many steps you have taken that day without checking your online profile.

How does a Fitbit sync with your smartphone?

Bring the tracker near to the base station the click Connect icon. Sync by clicking the Open Main Menu and then Sync Now buttons.

Whenever your Fitbit comes close to its computer connected base station, it will automatically upload your recent data to your online account (this station also recharges the Fitbit’s battery). Your Fitbit can also hold about a weeks’ worth of data, but it is easier to monitor your long term progress by checking your online profile.

So if you are everyday on the go, the app is a must-have to help you know your activities during the day, monitor how much calorie you’ve burned, and your progress on your set goals. For example, it will show you that you need to walk 2,000 more steps to reach your daily goal.

In order to do this, you need to upload your workout data and food intake to your online profile via your PC. So if you are ready to monitor your daily activities, then you can buy your Fitbit at Harvey Norman and start your new fitness regime today.