Four Examples of Modern Contemporary Web Design


Web design is a forever-changing art that is constantly employing new ways to showcase businesses in every sector. Sleek, clutter-free designs are taking over modern contemporary web design lately, with companies choosing to showcase their products through more visual means instead of written descriptions. Interactive websites also help make visitors feel more involved in the business, making them more likely to frequent the site or, more importantly, buy the products or services being promoted. If you are looking for a modern contemporary web design in Birmingham, the UK or anywhere in the world, you may want to take a look at some sites that are already using these design techniques to drum up more traffic and business.

The Buying Group

Buying Group

The Buying Group are purveyors of various beverages for bars, retailers, restaurants, and other establishments across Spain. They were looking to rebrand their entire business in order to focus on the quality and range of their products. Their new, modern website has not only increased traffic but it has also, according to their reports, increased their business leads. Their new website uses interactive menus to showcase their different products, which makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. The clean fonts and minimal text boxes on the pages also make each screen easy to scan so potential customers don’t have to read through lengthy descriptions. Their contemporary website also highlights their promotions, which entices visitors to buy products from them since they’ll see the deal right away instead of having to inquire about bargains or prices in general.



Momiji is a business that sells adorable hand-painted dolls in various designs. Since they are in a tight niche in terms of products, it was essential that they stand out amongst other similar companies. Their newly designed modern website offers a great user-experience which pulls visitors into the site more so than a standard website would. A concentration on images over text also allows them to connect on a better level with international customers who may not have a good grasp of the English language; visuals, however, are universal. Drop-down menus for things like delivery options and product categories also help their customers navigate the website with ease. The fun, clutter-free design of the site also allows the products themselves to take centre stage instead of text boxes and other graphics.

Asiana Hen & Stag


Asiana is a modern, up to date company that needed a website that matched their personality. Since their business concerns a younger clientele that are specifically looking for a good time, their website needed to relate to them in that fashion. Their new website lets photographs speak instead of words so potential clients can see what they can expect by choosing Asiana for their hen or stag party. The sleek design of the overall site also adds to the luxuriant vibe that Asiana wanted to put forth. The website’s design shows the high level of service that the company provides to their customers. The cool-tone colours in the background and the clean fonts offer a contemporary feel and are welcoming to visitors. The simple menu layout also makes for easy navigation.

The Wedding Presenter

Wedding Presenter

The Wedding Presenter is a wedding photography and videography company that looks to provide their clients with professional services for their special day. Their newly designed modern website showcases their photography in the actual layout. By using their photographs, they show their potential clients exactly what they can offer in a way that stands out more than any text ever could. The use of dark backgrounds also gives the site a contemporary feel and lets the text stand out to the reader. The text, in this case, is condensed in order for the client to have enough information to make an informed decision before choosing the company for their wedding. The simple sidebar menu also makes the site easy to navigate while maintaining a smooth look.