Features That Makes Handling Smartphone Conducive For The Visually Impaired


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With the advent of technology, various features have been incorporated in the Smartphone for the convenience of the users who are visually impaired or blind. These features make various options if the device accessible and navigation through the device easy. The features are designed to overcome different barriers that the users face while handling the device. The software named Screen Readers is an important feature that is incorporated in these devices. They are effective in evading the barrier of reading the options displayed on the screen, to navigate through the device. This is also helpful for going through websites and other information on the Internet. The software enables users to listen to the instruction and then perform different functions.

Control the options with audio

Voice control is another feature that are helpful of the visually challenges as well in the situations when the hands are occupied for other reason. This helps to evade various problems that visually impaired users encounter while handling keypads over tactile screens. This function can be spotted in a number of devices. The voice recognition software is also available that helps the users to send an SMS only by listening to the device. This is handy and does not consume much charge.

Navigate with ease

You can also avail quite a number of apps that help the user in various activities. Apps might vary based on the operating system that you have chosen. For instance, there are apps that can guide the user to catch a bus through the help of an interactive map. This helps in exploring and navigating the area prior to physically doing the same. You can avail these apps from the App store of respective operating system. These apps are upgraded from time to time and you can avail the upgraded version, with ease.


Use of Braille

Braille keywords or the tactile screens are features that are in vogue. The images that are captured by the phone or the messages are converted to braille immediately. The tactile screen of the phone has grids of bumpy pins and the height of the same helps to identify the image or the graphics. The braille apps help to converts the touchscreen of the Smartphone to be converted to a braille keyword, for the convenience of the users. The use of braille is predominant for imparting education to the visually challenged and this concept is implied through the use of these phones and devices.

Need of assistive technology

Smartphone has a varied use be it browsing the net, reading books or communication with family and friends. The touchscreen of these devices often lures user to buy a particular model. But, unfortunately, many of these screens are not tactile, that hinders the users with visual impairment from using the same. Over the years, various noted and startup manufacturers have taken initiative to design these gadgets conducive for the use of visually challenged. The onus of this goes to the assistive technology for visually impaired that have already been enlisted here.

Good user experience

Just with the help of the movement of the fingertip or the audio instruction, navigation through this device is easy. Various icons are arranged on the screen such that the users find it easy to spot the same. The interface of the Smartphone is simple, but has all the functionalities that are required to operate the phone. Availing these phones is easy through the retail and the online stores. Few manufacturers also have a provision of selling these phones through their official website. Owing to these features, with a little practice handling these Smartphone will be easy by the visually impaired users.

Author Bio: Travis Robertson develops apps and other features for Smartphone and other electronic devices. Here, he has enlisted the various assistive technology for visually impaired that can be helpful for the visually impaired users.