Dealing with Unwanted Sales Calls in the Office


If you sat and answered sales calls all day, you would never get any work done. Fending off the long line of businesses hanging on the end of the phone waiting for you to pick up may feel like a never ending task; so what can you do about it? Well, here are some tried and tested tips from companies throughout the country to help you deal with those pesky calls and give you the valuable time that you need to get on with your job. So where do you start?

Screen Your Calls

A fast and effective way to avoid speaking to sales people, is to get someone else to do it for you. A ‘gatekeeper’ if you will. Someone with steadfast morals and an excellent ‘sales banter’ radar. Someone who won’t give in to flirtatious laughter or smarmy flattery. If you can, you could always filter out those individuals who really would like a chat by adding a web form to your website. So that you can contact them, as and when you are able to. It will give you a good idea of who you will be speaking to and what their intentions are. Usually a cold caller or salesman will not fill out one of these forms to get hold of you, so you’re filtering out some of the unnecessary calls straight away.

Ask for Information in Writing

If you have let your guard down and a sneaky sales man has managed to get you on the other end of the phone then you have two options; listen to what he has to say and delay the almost inevitable ‘not today, thank you’ or ask him to send his proposal or request in to you in writing. An e-mail is much easier to prioritize than a phone call and – if on the off chance that they are selling something you may be interested in – you can always look at their proposal in greater detail.

Use a Call Blocker to Filter Calls

If you are adamant that you personally don’t want anything to do with cold callers then it is possible to install a device that will filter them out. You can even add a message to it stating that you and your business does not accept sales calls and to send something in writing. Companies such as are able to provide you with some excellent information about this system. It is of tremendous benefit if you are unable to accommodate call handlers and can help you get on with the important aspects of running your business.

Set Up a ‘Sellers Day’

Not all calls are nuisance calls, and many sales people may be targeting you as they know their product could benefit you. An excellent way to allow these individuals to have a bit of your time is to set up a sales day. This is a day in which all of those companies trying to sell you something can do so, in their own time, in their own way. So now it is up to you to decide what to do about your cold callers.

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