Creating a marketing plan to transcend language barriers


Many firms from the USA and UK are looking for ways to boost their export volumes as part of their future growth strategy. In fact, 19% of SMEs surveyed in the UK in 2014 reported that they sold goods or services outside the country. Emerging economies in Asia and South America were the main importers as their countries continued to increase spending power and extend global influence.

While emerging countries form the bulk of target markets for the UK and the US, old trade partners such as Israel cannot be forgotten. Israel has long enjoyed a robust trade relationship with both economic giants and a number of enterprising individuals have built thriving businesses thanks to this trade. Naftali Tilson is one such individual. This enterprising executive has over 25 years of experience in international management and has specialized in real estate acquisitions as well as cross-border transaction management. Small businesses will do well to follow his example and advice on how to successfully penetrate foreign language markets.

If you want to grow your brand and conquer a market that speaks a foreign language, you need to communicate effectively with your target clients. For this to happen, your business needs to find a way to bring down the language barrier. Here are some tips to plan and implement a successful digital marketing strategy:

  • Research your market

Conduct an in-depth research of your target market as part of your marketing strategy. This allows you to identify your potential clients, the language they speak, the tone of voice they use as well as the content they prefer. Gathering this information will help you construct an effective marketing campaign.

  • Translate your message

Once you’ve identified the major languages your target audience uses, translate your message accordingly. Ensure you take all linguistic and cultural differences into consideration as you edit your marketing message. Additionally, uncover the relevant keywords for your niche then localize them to help your business climb the ranks in search engines in the new market.

  • Hire translators or multilingual staff

In order to ease communication between your customers and your business, you should consider hiring interpreters or staff who are fluent in English as well as the local language. Doing this will minimize miscommunication and will make it easier to solve any misunderstandings that may arise.

  • Use visual means of communication

Human beings process visual messages faster than the spoken word. For this reason, consider using pictures and graphics to convey messages to your clients or instructions to your staff. Ensure that the pictures and visual aids you use are culturally appropriate for your audience.

  • Keep your message short and relevant

The messages in your digital marketing strategy should be easy to understand. Avoid any jargon, idioms or slang words, as these might be unrecognizable in the new market, leading to confusion or misinterpretation. If you are uncertain about something, always seek clarification to ensure you present the intended message.

While marketing your products across a number of different languages might be intimidating, it is extremely valuable for your company. Consult with specialists, do your research, refine your campaigns and watch as your business expands across borders.