When it comes to car buying, two options are presented to you during the search for your next dream car. While in-person outlets like dealerships have pros like being able to test drive potential vehicles, they also lack in credibility due to the typical dealer agenda of sales. On the other hand you have the pros of online dealerships, like the complete elimination of the possibility of purchase coercion, but it also comes with a major downside as online pictures do not do a car justice like seeing Read more [...]
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Whether you have a business which operates online or not, you can pretty much guarantee that you will have some kind of reputation online. Many businesses don’t have a clue what kind of reputation they have online and this level of obliviousness can actually have a profound impact on sales and brand growth. The online review system has helped to gain many businesses a great amount of new sales thanks to the modern day word-of-mouth process and whilst this is a great tool for business growth, negative Read more [...]
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Personalization is arguably the most important aspect of any marketing effort. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer looking to promote products through content channels or an agency copywriter at an SEO firm, communicating with consumers is the first step to selling your product. Which means content marketing should be at the forefront of your efforts in 2017. The coming year will require careful content marketing tactics that resonate powerful messages and coordinated campaigns that speak to Read more [...]
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