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Just about everyone has one of the new Fitbits, either having purchased one for themselves or finding one in their Christmas stocking. So whilst many of us use a Fitbit to track our activity during the day, not many of us consider syncing it with our smartphones. You can actually sync your Fitbit with your PC, but in this modern and ultra-mobile world, most of us use this with our smartphones. What does a Fitbit monitor? Once you attach the Fitbit to your wrist, it starts to log everything Read more [...]
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The world is changing fast. Every day new inventions are springing up, information is coming live, and communications becoming easier. However, to keep up to date with these technological advancements, you need access to internet and better still, you need fast internet connection if you are to enjoy these services. This is what HughesNet Satellite Internet providers are here to provide you with. However, there are some few little known facts about this internet provider and the services on offer Read more [...]
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