5 Great Business Management Apps


There are thousands of apps out there claiming to make running a business easier and more efficient. Some of them work, others just add to the clutter on your desktop and send you unnecessary notifications adding to the stress of the workday. Here are a few picks across the board, that really will make your company run a little smoother.


Dropbox is a great tool for both document sharing and cloud storage within a company and with clients. It is currently the most popular cloud storage and cloud sharing application on the market. They have several plans, depending on your storage needs and the size of your company. One of the benefits is that it synchronizes with a specific document folder on your computer, eliminating the need to upload individual files, and offers apps for Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, making it compatible across the board.


Given the importance of communication, Skype is an essential tool for both large and small businesses. The instant messaging side allows quick and easy in office communication as well as communication between offices in multiple locations, and with clients. Stable video conferencing eliminates the need for travel, as meetings can be held over video. For international business, it may entail meetings out of office hours by at least one party but is far more efficient and cost effective than flying out for meetings.


Limble CMMS is a great maintenance management application and will suit almost any business. From regular computer and printer servicing to vehicle and heavy machinery maintenance, this is an ideal platform. Its features include desktop and mobile apps that allow multiple users to assign, view and complete work orders. It also provides a platform for maintenance teams to look up asset information while on a job, among other features.


If travel is a big part of running your company, expensify could really come in handy. The app works on desktop, Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. While on a business trip, it automatically inputs all of your expenses into an expense report, either by linking your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can manually scan your receipts using your phone’s camera, the app will extract the relevant data, and create your own expense report in the app.


An excellent productivity app, either for self-employed individuals, or those who feel their employees aren’t managing their time as well as they otherwise might. The free version of the desktop app tracks what time you spend on various applications and website, and gives you a breakdown of your day.

The premium version, at $72 a year, offers more detailed reports and filters, as well as alerts and the ability to block distracting sites within certain hours.

Some apps offer more than one service on the same platform, but make sure it provides everything you need before making purchases. It’s also a good idea to look at the rating provided by other users to be sure it doesn’t fall short of its claims.