4 Methods You Can Use To Improve Your Flat Rate Shipping Process

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The ecommerce world of the present day does not stop and wait for anyone. Thank goodness for the speed and reliability of flat rate shipping services such as those that are provided by the USPS. Shipping mishaps and inaccurate shipments account for millions of dollars in lost revenue for online stores annually. But there is a better, smoother and simpler system that you can put into place to help assure that your orders are getting to your customers in a timely, accurate manner.


Integrated Software

First things first, it’s all about the software that you are using. If you are not relying upon a user-friendly and reputable software solution, you can’t really be that surprised when orders are getting mixed up. Good shipping software can help you improve accuracy while limiting how long it takes to get your orders fulfilled. If you are wondering what to look for, check out this helpful Buzzfeed guide on shipping software to get a head start.

One-System Labels & Invoices

A lot of online retailers use a two system process to fulfill their orders. This is where you have one system that’s generating your shipping labels and another that’s printing out your invoices. But newer software, such as the aforementioned, allows you to merge these into universal labels instead. The label is peel-out and you just slap it on the box. Meanwhile, the invoice is perforated so it can be pulled out and dropped directly into the package for faster, more accurate fulfillment.

Omni Channel Order Management

You likely are selling on more than one location online (if you want to make the most money, that is). But what do you do about all of those orders coming in from different online stores? You’ll want to look into effective order management software to help ease the burden here. Check with the shipping software that you are using first to assure that you have an integration. After that, some tinkering will help you import orders from all of your online stores so that you can process them form one system.

A Locked In Volume Discount

Finally, one of the greatest perks of about shipping is that you do have the option to look around and compare carrier options to find the best bargains. Doing so may take you some time, but will be well worth it in the end when you are saving a lot more money and are able to reinvest that money into your inventory or marketing budget.

The goal when seeking a flat rate shipping discount is to compare your options and providers. You may find a few who package this discount directly into the shipping software they offer. Assure that you are getting the same volume discounts as the big shippers do for your monthly fee. A few pennies saved per package can add up to a whole lot of money each quarter when you run your numbers.