3 Ways to Raise the Productivity of Your Employees


A company’s overall performance largely depends on how well its human resource is performing. Any drop in the productivity of employees directly hits the profitability of the company, which obviously is unacceptable to company owners and the management alike. Fluctuations in the performance of the workforce are somewhat expected, but in recent times, and especially since the integration of internet, computers and smartphones into the corporate world, they have become far too frequent and hence detrimental to the overall health and performance of the companies. Fortunately, the problem can be tackled rather easily. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can raise, or in case they’re already performing well, maintain the productivity of your employees.

Deploy Employee Monitoring Solution

The misuse of company-owned devices is one of the major reasons behind the poor performance of employees. Online games, social media, YouTube videos, online News channels, shopping websites, etc. tend to keep employees distracted, which ends up lowering their productivity. The solution this technological problem lies in technology itself. There are various employee monitoring like StealthMate, available online at http://www.stealthmate.com, which can enable you to remain aware of how exactly your employees are making use of their digital privileges. These tools can show you everything from their keystrokes, browsing history, and screenshots, to their cellular communications, email exchanges, and much more.

Invest in Employees

To get the most out of your employees, you need to invest in them to help them overcome weaknesses, improve their existing skills, learn new skills, and to prepare them for newer and bigger challenges. The best way to go about it is to arrange training workshops for them. Make sure that these training cover areas, impart knowledge, and teach skills that are relevant to your organizational goals and are current lacking. Investing in employees ensures company’s success, especially in terms of financial gains, because it makes them feel valued, which in turn raises their morale and increases their loyalty towards their current employer. And we all know that happy employees are productive employees. From now onwards, make it a part of your business strategy to invest a fixed amount of money in your employees’ training and development and see how their productivity graph goes upwards.

Find the Right Balance

Another key to increasing the productivity of employees is finding the right balance between being too rigid and too flexible. When it comes to quality of work, workplace discipline and decorum, you need to be rigid as there is hardly any room for compromise on these three things. However, there are situations when it is better to show flexibility, e.g. when an employee is ill or has a family emergency. It’s important to understand that whatever goes on in the personal lives of employees has a considerable impact how they perform at work. If you want them to perform well and stay productive, you need to win them over through compassion and empathy. Show them that you care, and they’ll definitely reciprocate this positive attitude through greater work commitment and effort.