July 2015

Are you ready for the future? The world of B2B communications and marketing is changing rapidly due to ethernet services, digital technologies, cloud-based solutions and real-time response. Each year brings some revolutionary changes to the niche. Communications will become even better targeted and more responsive by 2025. Here is what the future of B2B communications will bring. Predictive Analytics Looking for leads and analyzing prospects data are two very important activities that B2B marketers Read more [...]
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As of December 2013, trading of the digital currency, Bitcoin, has been banned by China's banks, although, Chinese citizens are still allowed to use the popular currency. Bitcoin value saw a large increase in 2013, but the recent ban caused its exchange rate to take a sharp hit following the ban in China.   Frank Langfitt from NPR's Shanghai branch reports:   “China is the world's biggest market for Bitcoin and has helped drive its explosive appreciation this year. Today, Read more [...]
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